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Health & Well-being

Functional Fitness for Life

Health Management - A Life Priority

The most important business tool you have is You. Personal management & maintenance is an integral aspect to successful business management

Investing in the physical mental and emotional well-being of yourself and your team provides a solid platform for ongoing effective delivery

Personal management should not be onerous.  We want it to be an enjoyable aspect of your life that supports functionality and allows you to be your best self

Intelligent Health Management is a process of understanding and respecting  your body to provide yourself  with health, vitality and  maximum functionality for the challenges of today and for the long term

Our Health management lead is a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor who has 30 years experience in health management as a business professional. 

Fitness assessment - Fitness prescription - Introduction to exercise - Community group activity classes - Mindful health management - Addiction & recovery - Posture management - Reflect & regenerate workshops - outdoor activity days - Health management mentoring - Working successfully with a health condition - Reward and Rejuvenate days - Personal management mentoring

Health & Well-being: Services
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