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The all important Factor - Cost.

Our Advisors have worked in community provision, either directly or  alongside their corporate and Public Sector roles; therefore we have an in-depth understanding of the complex financing of charities and funded provision.

Community sector:-  

Fees are negotiated to support small community organisations.

Private & Corporate organisations:-

Fees are appropriate to national averages.

*Corporate Community Support: -

Fees earned via Private & Corporate services support us to provide more flexibility when negotiating  costs for independent/small community providers.

Fees range from £450 to £850 per day.

Negotiated fees  can include incentives for:- 

Retainer contracts

Long term contracts

Small community provider support

* In some cases funding can be sourced ( as appropriate to current funding streams and business delivery) for small/micro community providers. 

Tailored services require tailored fees.

Fees: Welcome
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