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About Us

Extra facts

As a women led  Consultancy we have embedded experience of working and leading in business as women. 

Our joint histories include  Founding and running  Charities and Small Business.  Roles as M.D., CEO, Senior Management and  Company Directors.

The ability to adjust to  change has been  pivotal to our respective long term successes.

Our combined Corporate and Public sector experience has furnished us with a  panoramic understanding  of  community agency needs providing a platform to effectively support Corporate  Social Responsibility projects

Women in Business  -  We have a wealth of experience through several generations of  social and economic change and have much to contribute in real terms to the ongoing women's equality discourse.

Our Advisors have worked with multi-diverse evolving communities - this is our 'normal' 

Within community provision we have engaged with the most excluded & disadvantaged of our society members and have real life knowledge that teaches, enriches and leads us.

Specialisms include:

Funding strategy

Bid writing

Diversity & inclusion

Social Justice agendas

Health Management 

Learning differences & challenges

Managing family & Business life.

Business Policies & Procedures

Regeneration & excluded communities

Project design, management & delivery


Career/Life  Planning

Telephone/field sales

Customer services

Talks, Work shops and discussion groups available. 

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